Is what Seth Godin recommends. In the main I found his book Linchpin (other book resellers are available) a fascinating read, inspiring at times: occasionally I was mindful of being in a meeting with an over-excited salesperson who just needs to be silenced for a minute as they got over excited and the customer's eyes have glazed over and what they know can't be achieved. They're not exactly Greebo, but something needs to be done. Still overall, a great read. I'd recommend it.

I've failed to deliver a blog a week. I've been very busy: but this should not be just about getting things done - it is also a moment to pause and reflect.

Since I wrote last. Customer stuff, obviously. And, I released the HTML5 Ericom Review. I also posted a review of RES Software's Baseline Desktop Software Analyzer.

Why no MokaFive review? The MokaFive Baremetal preview that was stood up for me by the helpful chaps at MokaFive went very well - I was impressed with my initial experience: but, the review environment was pre-built and my comparisons (Nxtop, XenClient) had all been self-built. It is true to say I thought the console experience excellent, and my initial thoughts on the client and server interface and options were that they were incredibly well thought through and very focused on helping to make a client hypervisor solution the compelling service it can be. But, I wanted to compare properly. Quest have since released a self-install version via their trial website. I'll comment on this.

I've had difficulties with the demo to be honest, I'm not looking forward to the next RackSpace bill I must admit: and bless Purley Hosting (who give my dedicated hosting) their environment didn't help either. I've tweeted that MokaFive's documentation was excellent - and it is - the demo just refuses to install for me. When I first tried NxTop (and since): first time, and every time. I'm sure its something simple.

That can't be it though you say? NO! I've had a go with Office 365 - which is painful tbh, and deserves a blog of its own (which I'll deliver when the trial expires). I've had some fun with AppSense's 8.1 installation - which resolutely refused to upgrade my v8.0 environment manager settings and I realised I'd lost some things from way back in 7. When that's resolved I'll report back.


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