the early bird catches the reduced conference entry prices...

While at the London VMUG this week, I attended Mike Laverick's well time kept session on the excitement that is a career in IT - specifically focused around the need to keeping skills fresh. A career in IT can be a job for life, but very likely not in the same role, or company. 

In his overview for Tech Ed Europe 2014 Aidan Finn talked about how traditional learning mechanisms can no longer keep up with sprint development, new features out every few weeks, and RTMs every 12-18 months. I'd agree with Aidan that conferences (and user group meetings) can give you a valuable and focused time to get to grips with new technologies, understand trends and discuss these with your peers for review and extra insight. 

Often there is best value in booking early for these events, not only for flights and accommodation but, for the early bird discount on the conference itself. Some are coming fast to a close:


VMworld Europe 2014 Early Bird Pricing ends on 29th July 2014  (with an additional discount if you've subscribed to VMUG Advantage, which in addition to the other benefits VMUG Advantage gives is worth your investment in VMUG Advantage) - so get your registration hat on