Foundation for Success (Redux)

As nights vs days becomes score draws and children are kicked off to university/school/nursery (delete as appropriate) it's time to admit its been a busy summer. Not had a chance to sit down and write here, I've a backlog of stuff to put on: no thanks in part to pressing F5 on the BBC's transfer page.

Still, I'll signal kick off by proudly standing under the steely eye of stewards and stating that Gilwood CS has put pen to paper to support the  SAFC Foundation of Light for the third year running. 

Scarf above Head Shot

The SAFC Foundation of Light uses the power of football to educate and motivate young people from Sunderland and its surrounding areas and last year, helped over 42,000 children through innovative projects, advancing literacy and numeracy and improving confidence and aspirations, as well as raising awareness of citizenship issues and improving employment skills. To find out more about the SAFC Foundation's work browse through what they do.

If you too are prompted to help, you can help raise funds as an individual, or perhaps your company can help the Foundation in a business capacity.

Onward and upward...





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