Live. Die. Repeat. Scaling the Extremes to Bring You Right to the Edge of Tomorrow.

Any implementation lives or dies on its ability to run on a stable foundation. 

You can keep that platform stable by constant manual intervention, expertise and writing good process and documents, or you can automate.  Automation has always been a lot of work up front for largely unknowable returns what if someone provided an always up to date framework to help?

Join me, and the esteemed Jim Moyle for our Geek Speak Live session at Citrix Synergy as we dance through the deployment and configuration of Citrix LifeCycle Management. Built on the technology of Citrix’s ScaleXtreme acquisition, Citrix LifeCycle Management is designed to help you automate the delivery of our workspace services, monitor the service while in operation and then (if needed) cleanly remove it. 

Repeatedly and consistently.  

Citrix Lifecycle Management is a service available as part of Citrix Workspace Cloud, a multi-service delivery platform. Citrix Lifecycle Management is designed to allow you to deploy and manage the lifecycle of Citrix applications on hypervisors and public and private cloud platforms. Citrix Lifecycle Management is comprised of a core platform with a workflow automation engine, monitoring service, and multi-cloud broker capabilities.

We were excited when we saw the initial scope of what was intended to be achieved with the platform. Come and see how Jim and I have built on this idea: 

through our own practical experience, the medicinal half of mild*, and if we’re being honest – the occasional choice expletive. 

We’ve been using Citrix Lifecycle Management service in our labs to help you understand :-

Application blueprints and how you can leverage them and build your own.

Setting workflows – looking at the capabilities available when defining application deployment, its operations, and the conditions for monitoring, scaling, failover, failback, and teardown.

What you can do to monitor your environment

At least one (1) Very Interesting Graph.  


How did it turn out? Will the demos work? Will the demos be finished?! Well – for that you’d have to come and see. So.. come… learn what we learned and by all means contribute with your own thoughts and experience. 

We look forward to seeing you at our Citrix Synergy session:

SYN508-May 13th 2:30pm


*half of mild:  Small glass of traditional real ale, sometimes colloquially used to refer to many beers and staggering home at the end of a night with a pad full of almost intelligible mind maps, and some nuts.