Foundation for Success

Busy week again this week - but perhaps the most exciting was to finally get round to assisting the SAFC Foundation by signing up for corporate membership.

The SAFC Foundation uses the power of football to educate and motivate young people from Sunderland and its surrounding areas and last year, helped over 30,000 children through innovative projects, advancing literacy and numeracy and improving confidence and aspirations, as well as raising awareness of citizenship issues and improving employment skills. To find out more about the SAFC Foundation's work browse through what they do, and if you too are prompted to help, you can donate on-line.

And now for the science part. I did indeed get to take a look at MokaFive's BareMetal Player on a couple of devices, and my first impressions were very good. The architecture MokaFive have employed means that the solution is not a client-side hypervisor in the same sense that, say, Citrix's XenClient or Virtual Computer's NxTop are - but the BareMetal player does offer the opportunity to have manage and maintain a standardised platform on end-devices and provide a centralised desktop service that can be used off-line management. I'm working on kicking-the-tyres article for The Virtualization Practice and a comparative white-paper. In the meantime, have a read of Simon Bramfitt's informative article if you'd like to learn more and by all means try and get your hands on a demo.

I had interesting conversations with Virsto around disk performance in Hyper-V which led to an article and some useful feedback on optimising disk I/O. I got my hands on Desktone PoC instances to better evaluate Desktone's virtual desktop service.

I signed up to PaperShare getting access to a range of informative resources. Attended VMware's Forum at Wembley where I had good chat with Colt around IaaS, listened to Dell's new innovations around infrastructure orchestration and got a better understanding of VMware's cloud service offerings.

I got round to signing up to Citrix Synergy and was pleased to see some great presentation suggestions for the next UK Citrix User Group on 13th July.

Things I will be mostly doing this next week include: continuing reviewing MokaFive's BareMetal Player specifically on non-VT enabled devices; integrating Wanova's Mirage v2 with NxTop 3.1; firing up a XenApp 6.5 Tech preview and being part of a UK government workshop on Remote Working solutions.


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