Two Lips in Amsterdam II - Speaking at Dutch Citrix User Group

To the bemusement of many Europeans, the British go to the polls in June to determine if we stay in the EU, or not. Personally I think the answer is a resounding yes and the whole exercise a complete waste of time. Yet, we are where we are. 

The Citrix User Group Community is a far more accepting and inviting bunch. There has been an explosion of new groups in the past 6-8 months as the community gathers speed, yet some of those groups have existed for some time. This is the second time I've presented the Dutch Citrix User Group, you can read about the last time here. I was very pleased to be given the opportunity to speak again. This time there was 100% more content in Dutch than there was last time :)


My session was Citrix Lifecycle Management: The Toddler Years which talked through CLM, its place in Citrix Workspace Cloud, what you can do with it; how I'd put together the blueprint to automatically deploy an Atlantis USX instance of software defined storage (so used CLM to deploy Linux based services, not just Windows). I also talked about what I'd like to see improved... and how I thought it would benefit more in exciting new users from being free.  

From feedback, it was useful, some of that "for free" sparked some debate - which is cool.

When you're presenting it's useful to listen and learn from the audience. I learned :

  • the Dutch for toddler (dreumes); 
  • the Netherlands also has Ben and Holly;
  • hardly a sole had moved to a form of Cloud Services (or would at least admit to it); 
  • the audience typically supported +500 user citrix installs (and there was a lot of them);  
  • that many didn't have automated processes in place; but if they did they were very likely using RES One.  

All in all, those last points were most interesting; there may be much marketing on "move to the cloud" and services available - but many remain (at least in the Netherlands) to be convinced. I think CLM has the capability to be one of those outrider applications/services that help make that move gain speed. 

Many thanks to all who attended and contributed to make it the great set of sessions it was. Yet again, my compliments to the DuCUG steering group for a putting on such a professional event - splendid to see, fun to attend. I thank you for the pickup and arranging drop off service (which got *very exciting* at one point). As I've said before, I look forward to further collaboration in the future.  I do hope to get there again, and wouldn't hesitate in recommending you keep tabs on their future events, and attend (or present) if you can.

the green room; power, your own space 


If, like me you're not a native Dutch, learn Dutch to get the most out of the majority of session. Perhaps that's a difficulty for European Synergy events: speaking in public is daunting, it is easier to articulate your point in your native language.  I could vaguely follow, there was intriguing content there on session monitoring, project delivery, IoT and new features Citrix are delivering. I look forward to reading about/seeing those in the future. That may put you off going, but the simplest way to get round that is to have a chat with people at the breaks and get their thoughts on the topics - everyone was very friendly and the conversations were excellent and helpfully for me, in English :)

With hospitality like this, why would you want a make a move for the brexit?

Hopefully see you at the Citrix UK User Group on 27th April in Edinburgh, where I may well be mostly hoping that all of the excellent presenters turn up, and nothing goes wrong.