Make it Your Comfort Zone: Presenting at a Citrix User Group

You know some of the best ways you can take part in your local CUG? Likely your inside voice has said things like "Turn up", "attend","ask questions","engage". If that's your answer? Well done you. You know what I'm going to say next right?

What's the BEST way to engage with a Citrix User Group?

And you know that the answer is "speak at your CUG" - because you read the title. It's hardly "where's Wally/Waldo" is it?


But, speaking at a Citrix User Group helps the user group, and helps develop your own skills.

It's a common misconception that speaking is an ask beyond. You can do it. You can because I've seen lots of people who said they can't, and were awesome. I've seen many who said they can't, and were very decent. I've even seen some who said they can't, and while it wasn't great, they came away having learned something useful: and it was better next time.

One of the personal bests we wanted to achieve when setting up the UK Citrix User Group was to encourage actual admins/users/architects - like you - to come and speak. Didn't matter for how long; it could be 15 mins, it could be 20, 22, 23.75. For sure, we'd probably have a chat about story boarding and message flow if you requested 2.5 hours. The key point is, if you're actively using Citrix products, you are in the best position to guide and inform other admins, users, and Citrix. Ultimately, your engagement makes the product you're using better. We want to hear about your experience.

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