Centrix Software update Workspace Manager and Universal – better enabling desktop transformation

Centrix Software have updated their flagship products with Centrix WorkSpace iQ and Centrix Universal both hitting a 5.3 release.

There is a question facing many organisations as the clock ticks down on the support life of the desktop warhorse Windows XP: what, and how do we move on? But, it isn’t just about the desktop OS. An increasingly common answer to “where do you want to go today” is “all over, and not just using this PC“. There is a drive to use a cloud-based applications, share resources beyond the corporate LAN: and not just with a piece of kit constrained to a cubicle.

To help companies with these challenges Centrix Software have enhanced and streamlined their portfolio. Although 5.3 may seem like a  minor point revision there are key changes in the end-user computing analytics product Centrix Workspace iQ, and Centrix WorkSpace Universal a workspace delivery platform which provides unified access to applications, desktops and content from any device and any location.

When we first took a look at at Centrix WorkSpace iQ we reviewed how it is designed to give organisations a complete overview of their IT resources and how they are being used across the estate. In the latest release, Centrix Workspace iQ gets enhancements to extract IT intelligence on users, assets and rationalization opportunities in faster time with improvements to management reporting in the form of improved automation of document generation and usefully the ability to relate application, device and service requirements to business groups rather than simply authentication groups. There are also new features that can help enhance a Windows 7 migration experience by providing automated Windows 7 hardware compatibility assessment and reporting on IE6 usage.

As well as a revamped admin and user interfaces, WorkSpace Universal 5.3 gains features to support the compliant use of Software-as-a-Service applications and dynamic application provisioning in private cloud environments namely Cloud pass-through authentication and Content launch policy control.

For ease, and to give my loyal reader a chance to do something else in a day, we’re going to split the analysis of these Centrix’s releases into two separate  articles. Right here and now we’ll focus on WorkSpace Universal and what the new authentication and content launch functions can bring.

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